Reading and Writing

Before social media and the internet in general, pen and paper were the ways that thoughts and feelings were stored and conveyed in long term preservation form. We still have access to literary world created hundreds and thousands of years ago. For example, when we read Paradise Lost by John Milton, we access the imaginative genius of an English writer who had helped overthrow the monarchy of his time. Unfortunately, in the age of short form content, many are losing their ability to concentrate on the treasures of the written word. Therefore, I encourage the reader of this short article to visit a local library or bookstore, buy a cheap notebook and pen from a discount store, and indulge in the knowledge and wonder that the written word provides. This may be for fun, it may be for knowledge, but I am absolutely convinced that time spent reading is not wasted at all, but rather, it is a precious investment in preserving a skill that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

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